"You are a spiritual being with a thinking mind having human experiences
through a physical body.  You are thinking energy."

About the Author



As long as I can remember, I struggled with my physical existence. I always knew that there was more to life than just my body. I saw things differently than others did and I understood things differently than others did. My desire as a little boy was always to be invisible, and to be able to fly. Little did I know that what I really wanted was to return to my spiritual self. I felt that the energy controlling my body was limited by my body. People around me always spoke of a divine being other than our self, and I always knew that was not the case, because we are that being. We believe more in something outside of our self than we believe in ourselves. I now understand that I am not my body, and I am not limited by my body. I am a spiritual being living inside my body.

The birthright of living is for us to be who we were meant to be. We are divine beings living and experiencing physical reality disguised as humans. As physical humans we have the luxury of experiencing the senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. These are the joys our bodies allow us. There is no need to struggle. There is no need to experience pain and suffering. The divine nature of who we truly are can prevent these things. It’s a choice we need to learn to make with our mind. It’s a belief in who we truly are. I write to inspire that belief.

In everyday life, we lose sight of the unity of all things. We are part of the whole of all things, both living and non-living. Energy is what connects us. Energy combined with thought is what creates us. Although we experience ourselves separate from the rest, we impact everything, and everything impacts us. It’s a difficult concept because in order to survive our daily life, we divide the world up into separate objects and events. Being separate and independent from everything else becomes our abstract of reality. A delusion as Albert Einstein refers to it. Albert goes on to say that freeing our self from the delusion is true self-liberation.

Embracing our divinity and changing how we think about ourselves has never been more important than today, to help us navigate through the chaos of everyday life. The moment we have clarity on this, and truly understand this, is the moment we will forever experience joy in our life.

In today’s world, we are obsessed with the non-living. It’s a material world. We love money. We live for money. We love our houses, our cars, our belongings. Love is a concept that applies only to living things, but we have difficulty loving one another. We define ourselves by wealth, by what we have, rather than by our experiences and who we are. There is only one resource worthy of investing in; the resource of human potential.

Mankind is at a crossroads of deciding if they want to have things or be things. If we choose to have things, and we cannot afford them, then we become reclusive and solitary minded. Once that happens, we tend to rely on our leaders and government to solve our problems. If we choose to be things, we will learn that our true nature allows us to accomplish anything we can think.

Mankind needs to be free to eat if we are hungry; free to be cared for if we are sick; and free to be educated if we have a desire to discover the unknown and the truth about who we really are. Knowledge is power! I find it ironic that the only way out of the box we have created for ourselves is through knowledge and we live in a society that determines access to knowledge by wealth.

Perhaps I am foolish to believe that one day when I return to this world, I will find a society where illness no longer exists; and hunger no longer exists; and war no longer exists, and we all manage to get along with each other and love one another. Yes foolish, perhaps, and perhaps not. I believe that day will come because it is inevitable. Let’s not be victims of the world we created, when the opportunity to change it is merely a thought away.

I have been a student of life my entire life. I found observing the interaction of people with each other, their environment and planet to be particularly interesting. My wisdom is communicated in simple terms that make it easily comprehended and applied to people at all levels of understanding. As a result, my teaching has already helped countless people find greater awareness, opportunity and fulfillment in their day to day life. The awakened awareness has enabled many of my audience to find personal happiness by applying The Power to their daily lives, improving both their physical existence and the health and bounty of their planet.

I also have a way of making things happen and of unsticking people who are stuck. I prefer to speak frankly which makes it easy for others to tell me honestly where they are in the process of life. I have always been more an observer of life, rather than a participant. I love knowledge, wisdom and truth. My view of the universe is one of an object of study. I am always searching for more knowledge. My most profound discovery is so simple that I can hardly conceive that it took a lifetime to comprehend. I now know that the greatest things in life are accomplished in the lightest of heart.

I recently crossed paths with a person that told me my purpose in life is to validate and record what I know. I was told to write; that nobody understands who I am, and what I do. My observations are critical to the universe, and there will be people who come after me who need to know what I have to say. Most importantly, people will learn who and what they are by reading my words. After hearing this, and after much contemplation, I began to write. What I most hope for is that people see the connectedness they have with each other, with nature, and with the universe. They need to discover what it is they can do each and every day that will make a difference in the universe.


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