"You are a spiritual being with a thinking mind having human experiences
through a physical body.  You are thinking energy."
About the Books



The Universe is filled with an endless source of energy that communicates and interacts with all form; both living and non-living. This energy force connects all mankind to one another and to the rest of the physical world. It also connects us through our intentions and thoughts. Since energy is everything (including our thoughts), we create the world we live in through the intention of what we think. When human thought interacts with energy, it can alter form. It can do everything! It can create anything! Positive or good energy restores and heals. Negative or bad energy causes damage and illness.

The levels of energy we carry can be measured by the light and frequency we emit. The right combination of thought and energy can spontaneously heal any illness in living form. It can also spontaneously materialize any non-living form. Even science is starting to embrace these concepts through Einstein's theory of relating energy to mass, and through the study of quantum physics. Imagine the space around you buzzing with energy containing particles, information and knowledge. It can do anything. It can be anything. However, it needs to be told what to do; what to be. Now picture yourself as being the master of that energy. You hold the power to tell it what to do; what to become. It is the power of your thought that comes from deep within your divine self. Think of an orchestra comprised of many individuals and their instruments. They are ready to play, but they don't know what to play, and they don't know how to interact with each other. It is only when the conductor arrives to direct them that beautiful music materializes.

Once you fully understand the impact of the things you do, you will know how important you really are to mankind and to the Universe. The results of your actions are what create the life you live. You determine your life by what you think, what you speak, and what actions you take through the choices you make.


This book is in many ways a continuation of my first book. So why karma? Because every event in your life is linked to a previous event. There are no results in life without a cause. Things do not just happen, and there are no coincidences. The concept of karma is based on the philosophy that we receive what we give. We all carry the consequences of what we think, what we speak, and what we do. The balancing of energies through karma affects each of us, as well as all mankind and the Universe.

Karma is a collection of all of your choices, actions, and non-actions that add up to your current state of being. With every action you take, you create energy. That energy creates a cause that will eventually find its way back to you with a corresponding effect. When actions are for the good sake of others, positive energy and good karma finds its way back to you. However; if you create bad karma through actions that are selfish and hurtful to others, you create a karmic debt owed.

The time has come for the consciousness of mankind to be a united power. The Universe is nothing less and nothing more than what we have made it. We have a choice. We can continue on a path of independent agendas and battle each other out of existence or we can stand united and make the Universe a place where everyone can be happy and everyone can have what they need. The choice is ours to make. The real question is this: Can mankind reach agreement on a universal agenda and a universal goal? Is this really what we want?

If people discover what is inside them, it will lead them to a Universe of peace and happiness. If they choose to not discover the wisdom that lies beneath the surface of the physical, they will not experience peace and happiness. Mankind is here for only one reason; to learn the lessons required to find our way back to where we came from, and to accomplish this while experiencing life in the physical Universe. When we know that, understand it, and live it, we will be led to greatness.


This is a book that will help you quiet and focus your thoughts so you speak directly to your unconscious state of being in a language the mind understands. Meditation is nothing more than relaxation, and in a meditative state, your conscious can relax and allow you to speak directly to the unconscious. The unconscious is in charge of your life, even though you allow your conscious to be in control. If you want to experience change in your life, you need to learn to bypass the conscious control which can be described as critical, analytical, and most of all judgmental.

Meditating through relaxation is how you reprogram your unconscious with new concepts and information. The unconscious learns by applying this information against the storage of all your memories, experiences, reactions, and emotions. Also, the unconscious is much more accepting of change because it processes information without judgment. You will see both mental and physical changes resulting from this process. Practice with the thoughts in this book; your unconscious will understand even if your conscious seems confused. Mind your thoughts and experience a human metamorphosis from the inside out.

The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind. Meditation removes the clutter of thoughts from everyday life, and also helps you to get in touch with your higher consciousness. It does take practice, so do not become discouraged. Set aside 45 minutes each evening before you go to sleep. Sit in a quiet room, in a comfortable and relaxed position wearing loose clothing. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out slowly through your mouth. With each breath in, clear your mind of all thoughts, and feel your body relax. Repeat this 9 times before beginning. This book contains 81 thoughts for you to meditate on. There are 9 sets of 9 thoughts each. Start with Set One and allow 5 minutes of meditation for each thought. After your initial warm up of 9 deep breaths, read the first thought of the first set. Close your eyes and continue your deep breathing as you reflect on the thought and what it may mean to you and your life. Think of nothing else. Repeat this with each thought until you complete Set One. It will take you at least 9 evenings to get through all of the sets in the book. You may want to repeat a set over and over again before moving on to the next set. Eventually, you will have your favorite thoughts that you will want to dedicate your meditations on. Most people enjoy thoughts of wisdom, but rarely take the time to internalize them enough to be life changing. Practice mindfulness in life and create ripples that will forever change your life. This is not an instructional book on the art of meditation.


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